Here are the top ten images uploaded to Photocrowd from Round Nine of APOY 2022, Street, with comments by the AP team and our guest judge. 

Life on the street is, more often than not, messy, noisy, bustling and confusing. That’s what makes it so exciting to experience and – of course – to photograph. But the qualities that make it so appealing can also make it tricky to capture in a way that’s compelling and that makes sense visually. Distilling a street scene down to one perfectly timed frame can take a lifetime of practice and not a little luck. But for those that are driven to pursue it, the rewards are great, because few things are more satisfying than releasing the shutter for that 1/1000sec when everything comes together.

A fraction of a second earlier or later, and you’re often looking at an image that’s fit only for the delete button. It’s a genre that pays dividends if you’re the sort of person who has their camera on them at all times, because who knows what sort of scene might unfold around the next corner? Keep looking, and keep shooting, because that way, next year, you too could be in the company of our excellent top ten photographers from this round.

APOY 2022 Round Nine, Street, Top Ten

1. Tommaso Carrara, UK 100pts

Leica Q2, 28mm, 1/1000sec at f/4, ISO 100

apoy 2022 street round winner Tommaso Carrara woman on street

There is definitely something of the Martin Parr about this excellent winning image from Tommaso. The saturated colours, the slightly off-kilter-but-effective composition, and the fact that the viewer is left with a sense of curiosity about what is actually going on all add up to a great shot. The eye goes first to the zebra crossing, which leads to the faintly disturbing police model and then – unusually – it travels anticlockwise, before coming to rest on the woman who is looking skyward and shielding her eyes from the harsh sun.

The fact that we don’t know what has caught her attention is irrelevant, because there’s enjoyment to be had from wondering what it might be. Despite the complexity of the scene, it’s beautifully balanced and framed, with a quirkiness that kept the judges coming back to it. An intriguing and clever winning shot.

2. Steve Gouldstone, UK 90pts

Canon EOS 400D, 10-20mm at 20mm, 1/80sec at f/20, ISO 100

Steve Gouldstone man on stairs smoking

This is an excellent composition from Steve, who demonstrates confidence and an eye for a great shot. There’s a real tension to the scene that immediately draws the viewer in. The direct, almost confrontational eye contact, the drag on the roll-up, the lines and shadows, and the smaller figure walking away all combine to create a photograph of which Steve should be extremely proud.

3. Enrico Bagnoli, Italy 80pts

Fujifilm X-E4, 16mm, 1/500sec at f/8, ISO 160

Enrico Bagnoli harsh contrasting light on a street window

Guest judge Damien Demolder says: ‘To become a success, this kind of photograph requires a number of moveable, changing and crucial events to synchronise. The first is that the photographer sees the opportunity and the potential in the patch of light on the wall. The next is that the sun doesn’t move too far before the right person arrives on the scene. That right person has to be the right size, and the right distance from the window to fit that space perfectly. Not just any person.

We need an interesting shape, and a head looking forward so the silhouette can show off their profile – nose, chin and that neatly bobbed haircut. As you can imagine, the chances of all those things coming together in a single moment are slim enough, without the added complication of ensuring the shutter opens at just that instant. This is a remarkable feat – and a beautiful one at that.’

4. Noel Brathwaite, UK 70pts

Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 56mm, 1/20sec at f/8, ISO 800

Noel Brathwaite apoy 2022 notting hill carnival street scene

There’s a great energy to this shot by Noel, with plenty of movement and dynamism crammed into the frame, which keeps the viewer interested and occupied. The repetition of the orange tones throughout the image have been well observed – from the paint-spattered clothing to the bottle top carried by the woman in the foreground, not to mention the reflections in her mirrored sunglasses, that single colour is a great way of pulling the shot together. The expression and stance of the man to the far right of the frame is incidental but adds a fun element to an already joyful scene.

5. Laura Allegri, Italy 60pts

Fujifilm X20, 11.7mm, 1/900sec at f/5.6, ISO 400

Laura Allegri yellow and blue wall with shadow

At first glance, this is a very simple photograph, but there’s a lot to enjoy about it. First, there’s the fact that it’s restricted to just blue and yellow tones, which are pleasing and complementary. Then there’s the way the passing woman fits neatly into the navy area just below the sunlit section above her. There’s also the echo between the yellow rectangle on the wall and that on the pavement. All of these elements come together to make a pleasing whole. Finally, it may not show in print, but the woman’s earring and handbag really glow, which gives the image a three-dimensionality that’s a great finishing touch.

6. Christer Bjorkman, Sweden 50pts

Canon PowerShot G9, 7.4-44.4mm, 1/30sec at f/3.2, ISO 100

couple kissing on station platform photo Christer Bjorkman apoy 2022 street entry

A classic street shot that pays tribute to the greats such as Cartier-Bresson and Doisneau. Converting the image to black & white emphasises the timelessness of the scene, as does the approach of shooting through a glass door. What lifts it out of the ordinary is the passer-by, who is blurred to just the right level. A well-executed photograph.

7. Chris Neijs, UK 45pts

Sony A7 III, 35mm, 1/125sec at f/6.3, ISO 100

men on ladder street scene

This shot is a masterclass in composition. It has lines going from bottom left to top right, and it’s almost like one of those visual quizzes that asks the viewer to count how many triangles there are in the frame. Timing is excellent: waiting until the man at the top of the ladder bends to the left gives a subtle but important visual point to the image. The whites are lovely and bright, while the darker areas are rich without losing detail. Everything about it has fallen into place in a mere 1/125sec – and that’s down to Chris’s skill, not to chance.

8. Christer Bjorkman, Sweden 40pts

Leica Q2, 28mm , 1/50sec at f/11, ISO 2000

woman in fish market street photo apoy 2022

This keen customer’s facial expression is what makes the shot – as viewers, we can feel her enthusiasm and excitement as she chooses that day’s lunch. We’re also left wanting to know more about her. Her carefully made-up face, pearl earrings, smart hat and leather gloves are chic and suggest that she’s someone who is in a financial position to take care of herself. The angle, shooting from above, is intriguing. It’s difficult to tell whether Christer is tall, the woman is small, or whether he was holding his camera up high. Whatever, it’s a fun and expressive photograph.

9. Stephane Navailles, France 35pts

Samsung Galaxy S21+, 26mm, 1/100sec at f/1.8, ISO 200

underground train platform

What a fabulous setting for a photograph – you can’t go wrong with the lines, shapes and colours of this piece of design. However, Stephane has taken care not to get carried away, and has made sure he has framed the image very carefully, concentrating on balance and symmetry. If anything had been out of place, the shot would have lost its effectiveness. And, of course, it’s made by the element of human interest, with the young man on his phone bringing the somewhat retro scene right up to date.

10. Peter Murrell, UK 30pts

Nikon D700, 50mm, 1/125sec at f/2, ISO 500

man with his dog on london undergroud escalator

The Underground always provides material for the street photographer, but often the crowds can be tricky to work with. However, this simple scene, showing the man’s care and affection for his undeniably cute dog as he carries it down the escalator – in accordance with the rules – portrays a lovely moment of calm. The eye contact between the dog and Peter’s lens holds the viewer’s interest, while the blurry lines of the posters and lights help indicate the direction of travel.

Young APOY 2022, Round Nine, Street winner

Youssef Hany, Egypt 100pts

Xiaomi 11T, 1/100sec at f/2.2, ISO 108

young boys playing in the street with tyres

What a truly joyous picture from Youssef – and shot on a smartphone, too! The composition is excellent, with the wideangle nature of the phone’s lens ensuring the boy on the left is prominent in the frame. The delight in both the boys’ facial expressions is infectious. Although we can’t see that of the third through the tyre, we strongly suspect it’s the same. Shooting from a low angle means the whole frame has a fizzing energy, too.

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Camera Club award

Paul Nash, UK 10pts

Fujifilm X100V, 23mm, 1/500sec at f/5, ISO 160

sunny strong contrast street scene shadow

Shooting from above is a great way of giving a different perspective on things. Paul has done an excellent job here. He has kept things simple, with the graphic composition. Plus, has timed his shot very well, waiting until the dapper individual walks into the sunlit triangular part of the frame. Converting to black & white helps simplify the frame even further, making it about shape and tone as well as the person’s story. Paul has earned ten points for Truro Camera Club with this pleasing and well-observed shot.

The 2022 leaderboard

apoy 2022 leaderboard after round nine street

As we head into the final round of APOY, one of two photographers could win the overall title. Tommaso Carrara and Azim Khan Ronnie have been consistent throughout the competition, and either could take away the big prize. Similarly, in Young APOY, any of the three top photographers could be crowned the overall winner, depending on which way the scores go in Round Ten. Whatever happens, we’re into an exciting final stage of this year’s under-21s contest. As for the camera clubs – well, Launceston Camera Club came out of the blocks in great style. Although their lead isn’t unassailable, it would be a pretty big surprise if any other club were crowned winner.

APOY 2022 Leaderboard

Young APOY 2022 Leaderboard

UK Camera Clubs Leaderboard

Winning kit from MPB

The gear our winners used can be found at MPB

Best low-light cameras, Leica Q2

Taking first place, Tommaso Carrara used the outstanding Leica Q2 for his eye-catching image. This camera features a rangefinder-style body design alongside traditional controls for controlling shutter speed, aperture and manual focus. The 47.3MP sensor offers a native minimum sensitivity of ISO 50. While the lens is an 11-element, 9-group 28mm f/1.7 design. The body is sealed against dust and water. Unsurprisingly, this camera doesn’t come cheap, but can still be found for less than its RRP at MPB. Examples available range from £4,019 to £4,449.

In fifth place, Laura Allegri shot her muted street scene using a Fujifilm X20. Launched in 2013, this camera features a 12MP 2/3in X-Trans CMOS II sensor and 28-112mm f/2-2.8 lens. As well as 2.8in LCD screen, optical viewfinder with Digital Trans Panel, full HD video recording and an ISO range of 100-3200 (expandable to ISO 12,800). A nifty little camera, you can buy it at MPB for £224.

nikon d700

Coming in at tenth place, Peter Murrell took his image with a Nikon D700. This 2008 full-frame model won high-end DSLR of the Year at the AP awards. At its heart lies a 12.1MP full-frame FX-format sensor that has an ISO range of 200-6400. It has a 51-point autofocus system, 5fps burst shooting, 3in 921k-dot LCD and single CF card slot. You can get it at MPB for between £159 and £304.

To browse the extensive range of stock at MPB, visit

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