Ultimate FX 15 Tandem

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The Next Generation Ultimate Tandem Fishing Kayak

This solid tandem, hybrid canoe/kayak platform makes fishing, hunting, camping or just a relaxed day on the water with family and friends an experience they will always remember. The Ultimate FX Tandem fishing kayak features two high/low seats for improved fish-ability and all day comfort and can be easily converted to a solo paddling boat for the days when solitude calls. In addition, the Ultimate FX 15 Tandem offers amble storage to meet all you kayak fishing needs.



15' 3" / 465cm


31" / 78.7 cm

Fitted Hull Weight*

80 lbs / 36.3 kg

Fully Rigged Weight*

90 lbs / 40.8 kg

Depth at Beam

12.5" / 31.75 cm


600 lbs / 272 kg

  1. Two Hi / Low, First Class, Hand-Sewn Seating with Forward and Aft Adjusting
  2. Able to Convert to Solo Seating
  3. Two Seat Bases with Storage and Cup Holder
  4. Open Stern Storage Area
  5. One Tight Line Anchor Trolley
  6. Two Sets of Adjustable Foot Braces
  7. Padded Carry Handles
  8. Stern and Bow Bulkhead

*Fitted Hull Weight is the weight of the kayak without the seat and the Propel Pedal Drive installed, if applicable. This is the weight that is typically lifted when transporting the kayak.
*Fully Rigged Weight is the weight with the seat and Propel Pedal Drive installed, if applicable. Typically, the seat and Propel Pedal Drive are installed when the kayak is about to be launched.

Ultimate FX 15 Tandem Hull Design Features

  • Sharp Bow Entry for Tracking
  • Tunnel Hull for Ultra Stability and Tracking
  • Sharp stern Exit for Tracking